The historical depiction of ‘the mammy’ is a racist stereotype, with an enduring impact. Hattie McDaniel (right) won an Oscar for her role in ‘Gone with the Wind’ with Vivien Leigh (left). Selznick International Pictures

I am not your nice ‘Mammy’

Critics and audiences of the Oscar-nominated film Roma may be missing important Mexican historical and cultural facts.

Oscar winner

What you may have missed in Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Roma’

Director Alfonso Cuarón's 'Roma' has received 10 Oscar nominations. Here, a sociologist explains the hidden historical and cultural context of the film.
The release of Black Panther provides the opportunity to honour the many contributions of Black style to North American fashion. (Marvel)

Oscar winner

Black Panther: Honouring the legacy of Black style

The hype around the costumes in the film Black Panther shows a need to recognize the legacy of Black style in mainstream fashion.
An early comics book writer inspired today’s TV writing. The Umbrella Academy (Netflix), based on the comic book by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, tops binge-worthy TV lists this month. Mary J. Blige plays Cha-Cha, an assassin that can travel through time. Christos Kalohoridis / Netflix

How an X-Men writer inspired binge-worthy, character-driven TV from Buffy to Game of Thrones

Our current golden age of TV storytelling is influenced by comic books, in particular, one writer: Chris Claremont pushed boundaries and gave audiences strong female leads and deeply involved dramas.
Barry Jenkins’ ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ has been nominated for best adapted screenplay at the 91st Academy Awards. Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Oscars 2019: Beyond the stats, why diversity matters

Numbers alone don't relay the importance of people seeing their own experiences and lives mirrored in popular culture.
John Lennon belts it out during The Beatles’ last concert, Jan. 30, 1969. You Tube/The Beatles

The Beatles rocked the rooftop 50 years ago

Planned only a few days earlier, the Jan. 30, 1969 rooftop concert by the Beatles was their last. It is fitting the show included Billy Preston who symbolized their global collaborative efforts.
Sometimes faking it on Instagram is just fine. Bruno Gomiero/ Unsplash

Fairy-tale social media fantasies not all bad

Consuming too much social media when users end up comparing their lives to others more glamorous can leave one with bad feelings say researchers. But pretending or fantasizing is not all bad either.
Central American asylum seekers paint murals on Casa Tochan, a refugee shelter in Mexico City. Doris Bara

How art comforts Central American asylum-seekers

A human rights researcher documents the stories of Central American migrants leaving behind endemic poverty and high homicide rates. In limbo in Mexico, many use art therapy to express their anxiety.
Detail from Mickalene Thomas’s ‘Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe: Les trois femmes noires’ which is part of a show called ‘Femmes Noires’ currently at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The Rachel and Jean-Pierre Lehmann Collection © Mickalene Thomas

Black Canadian women artists detangle roots of Black beauty

A recent and powerful exhibit by New York artist Mickalene Thomas at the Art Gallery of Ontario has opened the door for some deep discussions about Black Canadian women and visual representation.
‘(Made in Love)’ is a video installation built around local photography studio images. Andil Gosine

Hidden stories in the family photo album

A video art installation on view at the McIntosh Gallery until Jan. 12 explores the history of South Asian indentured labourers in the Caribbean.


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