Peter Thomas of the Winnipeg Art Gallery (left), Marcel Dionne of Roarockit (centre) and Jaimie Isaac, curator for Indigenous/Contemporary at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (right), are seen building a skateboard using a do-it-yourself kit in this 2017 photo. Art and design schools should reward those who actually build and create more than they do design theorists. (Author provided)

Art, design schools must cultivate creators

Debates over the history of colonialism have sparked controversies on university campuses in recent years, as illustrated by the removal of a statue honoring Cecil Rhodes at the University of Cape Town in 2015. Desmond Bowles

Hoax tests ethics of academic publishing

Math Catcher volunteer, Janelle Dobson-Kocsis from the Kwanlin Dun Band, works with a student to build an object called “tensegrity.” This is one of Math Cather’s hands-on activities developed by volunteer and former PhD student, Alejandro Erickson. Math Catcher Program

Indigenous mathematics talent abounds

A show at the McMichael gallery blends traditional art spaces with fresh ideas from hip hop culture such as this piece by EGR aka Erica Balon, Boom Box Love, 2018. Michael Canadian Art Collection

Hip hop culture paves the way forward

Hip hop is a vibrant cultural art form that Canadian public institutions need to embrace. Our aging institutions can get a new life by integrating hip hop with and into traditional art displays.
Schools are seeing declines in refugee children under the Trump administration. Jan Andersen/

How refugee children make education stronger

The steep decline in refugee children in US schools will lessen the nation's ability to produce students who possess the skills of global citizenship, a researcher argues.
Research shows that students who engage in inquiry-based learning perform better on standardised tests than students in more traditional learning environments. (Shutterstock)

Your child benefits from inquiry-based learning

Research shows that 'discovery learning' does have limited educational value; many other forms of inquiry-based learning, however, have excellent results.
A new study shows that one in five children between the ages of nine and 17 report having accidentally seen sexual material online. Parents and educators can help their kids use the internet in a safe and responsible way. (Shutterstock)

Twelve ways to keep kids safe online

Our experts offer 12 tips to parents and educators -- to protect their kids from sexual solicitation online and encourage safe and responsible internet use.
Management academics often face students in their classrooms with more practical experience in the business world than they have. But management is an important inter-disciplinary field that has a lot to offer business executives. (Shutterstock)

Why management academics matter

Those who study, research and teach management are often viewed skeptically, even by their students, who might have more experience than they do in the business world. Here's why that's wrong.
Refugee Journeys is a board game designed to help front-line workers and educators confront their bias towards refugees. Michelle Lam

A board game to challenge student perceptions of refugees

Many Canadians have volunteered to help newcomers adjust to society. This board game was developed to help these volunteers understand what it feels like to enter a new country and build a new life.
New curriculum resources in Manitoba, Canada, integrate Indigenous perspectives through inquiry, video, images, quotes, arts, activities and exemplars. (New World Ideas)

Multimedia guides share Indigenous knowledge

Innovative teaching resources in the province of Manitoba, Canada, introduce schoolchildren to concepts of interdependence and reciprocity with the land.
Well-developed and implemented vision and mission statements can play a useful role in helping schools be good places to learn. Shutterstock

The importance of school vision and mission statements

Well-written vision and mission statements can guide decision-making, resource allocations, policy decisions, and how a school operates.
Rapper Drake watches the action at an NBA game in Toronto in 2016. A recent battle between Drake and Pusha-T brought the issue of blackface back into the headlines. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

The problem with blackface

Is blackface ever innocent? Is it less racist when a Black person enacts it as a statement of resistance? Because of our history of deep and ongoing racism in Canada, the answer is no.
Female protagonists are forging a new way in contemporary young adult fiction. Workman Publishing

Female protagonists in young adult fiction

Female protagonists in young adult fiction are unlikely heroines who embrace their flaws. But when it comes to diversity, they are still largely white and middle class.
Knowing when children develop morality means we can aid their moral development. Shutterstock

Children become more caring as they age

Children develop a sense of morality as they grow, similar to how literacy and numeracy skills develop over time and with practice.
All Australian schools should provide high-quality education to all Australian students, including Indigenous ones. Shutterstock

Australian ‘flexischools’ support Indigenous students

Flexischools appear to be doing Indigenous education better than mainstream schooling. To close the gap in education, we should look at what these schools are doing and apply it in the mainstream.

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