Cattle that are grass-fed, antibiotic- and growth hormone-free gather at a farm in Oregon in 2015. There’s a debate over whether antibiotic use in livestock makes germs more resistant to the drugs, and results in infections being passed on to humans who consume the meat. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Reducing antibiotics in farm animals isn’t easy

The use of antibiotics in raising livestock is complex. We could be moving towards a less-than-ideal result due to poor understanding, over-simplistic messaging and a rush for competitive advantage.
If you eat a healthy diet, it’s probably not worth it. Shutterstock/Koldunov Alexey

Should you take probiotic supplements?

Probiotics have been proclaimed by many as the answer to all sorts of health issues and conditions. But what exactly are probiotics? And, more importantly, should you be taking them?
By agsandrew/

How psychedelic drugs could treat depression

Psychedelic drugs have inspired great songs and works of art. But they may also have potential for treating disease like depression and PTSD by helping to regrow damaged regions of the brain.
Superstar Diego Maradona holds up the World Cup trophy in 1986. The World Cup tournament may prompt some people to get out and play themselves, leading to possible injuries. (AP Photo/Carlo Fumagalli)

If you catch World Cup fever, here’s how to prevent injuries

It's easy to get caught up in World Cup fever. But if watching the beautiful game inspires you to get out and play, injury prevention is vital.
The daily fluctuations in the stock market can have a serious emotional impact on people watching their stock portfolios, when the less stressful strategy would be to pay attention to long-term trends. (Shutterstock)

Managing the highs and lows of data overload

Today it's estimated that we take in about five times as much information as we did 25 years ago, and that we process as much data in a day as our 15th century ancestors would have in their lifetime.
Most people will experience feelings of deep loss and distress after a long-term relationship breakup. from

Why breakups are so hard

The only way to get through a breakup is to experience your emotions, but not brood on them.
With the legalization of cannabis in Canada just around the corner, there’s still too much panic over drug education. There’s no need to rush awareness campaigns in advance of legalization; it’s better to start doing them right. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

We need better education on cannabis

When it comes to cannabis legalization, we don’t need more education, we need to do education better.
Balgo artists: Miriam Baadjo (b. 1957),Tossie Baadjo (b. 1958), Jane Gimme (b. 1958), Gracie Mosquito (b. 1955), Helen Nagomara (b. 1953), Ann Frances Nowee (b. 1964) and Imelda Yukenbarri (b. 1954). Bush medicine: a collaborative work by women from Wirrimanu (Balgo), 2018, acrylic on linen, 120×180cm, MHM2018.32, © Warlayirti Artists; Medical History Museum

Five medicinal plants of Aboriginal Australians

At least half the food eaten by the first Australians came from plants. And in terms of medicines, many different parts of plants were used.
Fred Rogers at a taping of his famous show on June 28, 1989. Gene J. Puskar/AP File

Why Mister Rogers’ was good for your health

As the documentary about 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood' hits theaters today, it's worth noting that Rogers' emphasis on kindness and love is proving to be very important to good health. Here's why.
Two refugee children play at Tolan Park, a research and treatment center in Detroit, the site of the author’s research. David Dalton/Wayne State University

Syrian refugees in America: The psychological wounds of migration

In the seven years since civil war erupted in Syria, refugees have fled the violence and destruction. But starting over in a new country after such experiences is much harder than it may seem.
OK, you don’t need the poles. But you should pick up the pace. from

The faster you walk, the better

A new study found those who reported walking faster were less likely to die prematurely.
A vaccine (toxoid) against diphtheria first became available in Toronto in 1926. Thanks to the work of the Toronto Diphtheria Committee, the city was diphtheria-free by 1940. (Shutterstock)

Increasing childhood vaccination rates

Toronto's fight against diptheria teaches us the powerful impact of public health campaigns -- in persuading parents to vaccinate their children.
Health workers get ready to spray insecticide in advance of the 2016 Summer Olympics, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to combat the mosquitoes that transmit the Zika virus in this Jan. 26, 2016 photo. (AP Photo/Leo Correa, File)

Where did the first virus come from?

Recent discoveries of ancient viruses are helping scientists understand their origins.

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