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University of Newcastle Vice-Chancellor Caroline McMillen says the government should look at the evidence before implementing the Commission of Audit’s recommendation to deregulate university fees. Supplied

The government should think hard before deregulating university fees

The National Commission of Audit released yesterday has made a recommendation to government in line with proposals from some Group of Eight vice-chancellors that university fees should be deregulated…
Vice-Chancellor of Southern Cross University Peter Lee says universities have to consider their social obligations when looking to raise student fees. Supplied

The university funding challenge: competition vs the public good

In tackling the challenge of funding universities, we constantly confront a particular conundrum. Universities are hybrid organisations, straddling the public and private spheres. We are creatures of (mainly…
University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis. AAP

Facing the hard questions on university funding

A public university owes a wide debt to society. Among our obligations is to ensure the wisest use of public funding for education. So the subject of Commonwealth university policy demands attention. Inevitably…
ANU Chancellor Gareth Evans and Vice-Chancellor Ian Young are calling for student contributions to be deregulated so universities can charge what they want. ANU

Universities should be able to charge students what they want

Top universities should be free to charge domestic students whatever they deem appropriate, according to the Vice-Chancellor…
ANU Vice-Chancellor Ian Young and Chancellor Gareth Evans have called for student contributions to be deregulated so they can charge students higher fees to attend university. ANU

Enough muddling through: higher education needs a shake-up

And so the university fees debate starts again. Over the last few days, several university leaders have come out in favour of increasing fees to fund a better higher education system. A government commitment…
UNSW Vice-Chancellor Fred Hilmer at the National Press Club in Canberra. AAP/Alan Porritt

Hilmer: unis should copy approach of mining industry

Universities must adopt the campaign tactics of the mining industry if they are to have any chance against oppressive government…
As they get more crowded, Australian universities want greater control over the fees they charge. AAP/Julian Smith

Monash VC calls for fee deregulation in universities

Giving universities the power to charge more for their top courses would ensure they could offer a “premium” education…

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