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The new carbon footprint calculator factors in a household’s light sources, heating, washing, food consumption patterns, air travel and more, making it one of the most thorough calculators developed yet. Flickr

Greenhouse gas calculator reveals hard carbon truths

One of the most comprehensive greenhouse gas calculators ever was launched today, allowing members of the public to add up…
The Galileo Movement co-opts the father of science’s name to pursue an anti-science agenda.

Rogues or respectable? How climate change sceptics spread doubt and denial

CLEARING UP THE CLIMATE DEBATE: Professor Ian Enting takes a look at the front groups and published texts of Australia’s climate sceptics. The “name-calling” in what passes for public debate on climate…
The decade ending 2010 was the warmest on record for Australia. AAP

The greenhouse effect is real: here’s why

CLEARING UP THE CLIMATE DEBATE: Bureau of Meteorology scientist Karl Braganza explains why we know the climate is changing, and what’s causing it. In public discussions of climate change, the full range…
Debate around climate science and proposed policy responses should be open and constructive, universities have said. AAP

Threats may chill climate research in long run

Death threats against climate scientists may make researchers reluctant to engage in public debate or even turn research…
Whale watcher’s photographs of unique humpback tail patterns can help researchers learn more about migration patterns. Flickr, Marj K

Attention whale watchers: scientists want your snaps

Whale watchers lucky enough to snap a photograph of a humpback whale this season are being asked to send their shots to researchers…

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