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QPR’s Joey Barton wore rainbow laces in a recent match. John Walton/PA

Solving homophobia in football? Don’t bet on it

Last week, world football was shocked by a match-fixing scandal that swallowed a minor league Australian club and cast it into a world of international betting intrigue. As allegations were levelled at…
Historically, the Church provided a safe-haven for same-sex attracted men. Victor van der Horst

Inside the stained-glass closet: exploring holy homophobia

Pope Francis made conciliatory overtures to gay Catholics in a wide-ranging press conference on Monday. His comments made headlines around the world and indicate a change in attitude to closeted priests…
Fans of English soccer club Brighton & Hove Albion have faced constant homophobic taunts over the years - and they’ve had enough. rockjimford

Soccer and homophobia: why even homophobes are sick of it

It’s been an ugly week in English soccer. Up north, outrage of many persuasions flowed around Paolo Di Canio’s politics. Down south, supporters from Championship side Brighton & Hove Albion presented…
Campaigns makes clear that homophobia is wrong, but do nothing to affirm that being gay is good. Niv Singer

Anti-homophobia campaigns are linking being gay with misery

Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex is joyous! Make no mistake, it’s the experience of homophobia and transphobia that can destroy lives and often leads to depression, anxiety and poor…
Ex-gay therapies utilise spiritual methods such as prayer, and a personal relationship with God. Leland Francisco

California’s gay ‘conversion therapy’ ban challenged

A law banning therapists in California from attempting to change the sexual orientation of same-sex attracted youths was tested in the courts this week. At issue were the rights to professional free speech…
A protest outside Exodus International’s 2009 anual conference. Kevin Zolkiewicz

Gay ‘cure’ renounced by world’s largest ‘ex-gay’ group

Alan Chambers, president of the world’s largest “ex-gay” organisation, Exodus International, recently renounced the group’s long-held position that homosexuality can be “cured” – that gay people can become…

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