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A Hubble Space Telescope image of the Frontier Field, an area of the sky containing the galaxy cluster Abell S1063. NASA / ESA and J. Lotz (STScl)

Hubble explores the Final Frontier

The Frontier Field seen by Hubble has a galaxy cluster which acts as a natural lens, magnifying even more distant galaxies into view from just several hundred million years after the Big Bang.
The core of the Crab Nebula reveals outflowing material, powered by the central neutron star. This is a timelapse of Hubble Space Telescope images taken each decade and coloured separately revealing the rainbow pattern as the fast moving material changes between frames. NASA / ESA

Beating heart of the Crab Nebula

The beautiful image from Hubble hides a monster at its heart, as rainbow-coloured winds are blown outwards by the tremendous energies of a neutron star.
Computers may be smarter than humans at some things, but are they intelligent? Shutterstock/Olga Nikonova

Computers may be evolving but are they intelligent?

Computing has been getting much smarter since the idea of artificial intelligent was first thought of 60 years ago. But are computers intelligent?
The THAICOM 8 launch by SpaceX’s Falcon 9, successfully taking the telecommunications satellite into orbit and then landing the first stage on a barge at sea. SpaceX

Here’s what happened in space this week

From inflatable space stations to space sweeteners, it’s been an amazing week in space but none so visually astounding as the video from SpaceX of their 3rd successful landing at sea. Three perfect landings…

Will carbon fibre become BHP’s Kodak moment?

Carbon fibre composites have about 5 times the specific strength of steel. BMW are currently making their high volume BMW i3 “Life module” from a carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer. Use of this material has…
Image from NASA of an outburst from the Sun, these were more common when our star was younger. They may have both lead to a warmer Earth as well as the building blocks for life itself. NASA

Huge solar storms may be key to life on Earth

The latest results from NASA’s Kepler satellite may have finally solved the mystery of how the conditions for life were created on our younger Earth - and surprisingly it seems titanic eruptions from the…
ESA’s Swarm constellation reveals new rapid changes of our magnetic field, tied directly to the heart of our planet’s molten iron core. ESA/ATG Medialab

Earth’s magnetic heartbeat, a thinner past and new alien worlds

Space research never stops and it seems neither do the surprises. On ABC Breakfast News I covered some huge results from the last few weeks. Be still my beating (magnetic) heart Earth’s magnetic field…
Erectile dysfunction can cause relationship problems if the man doesn’t share what’s going on in his head. Attila Tsantner/Flickr

Erectile dysfunction often has a psychological basis

Many men experience erectile dysfunction. It might not be an exaggeration to say all men might experience it at some time or another.
All eyes are now on Malcolm Turnbull to help deliver on his pitch to transition the economy. Sam Mooy/AAP

Budget does little to help ‘transition’ the economy

We have to look very hard to find the "ideas boom" in this budget.

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