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I want to break free. Center for Great Apes

Zoos of the future break down the enclosure walls

The experience of visiting a zoo is about to change dramatically. The Next Generation Zoo concept is based on how animals use space in the wild, giving them more freedom and better using the resources…
Catching prey such as mosquitoes would be pretty hard if you couldn’t focus your vision.

Pitch perfect: small bats squeak higher, but not due to size

A study released today in Nature shines some light on why bats produce high frequency calls – and why some squeak far higher than others. Over the last four years I have been researching bats by monitoring…
Female wasp spiders often eat their mate straight after intercourse. Wikimedia Commons

Sticky and picky: why male orb-web spiders like heavy virgins

When it comes to selecting a mate, females are traditionally thought of as the choosy sex; males, meanwhile, aren’t thought to be particularly picky. This makes sense for many species – the sex that invests…

Hormones determine insect metamorphoses

Pulses of steroid hormones are responsible for differentiating an insect’s lifecycle metamorphoses, researchers at Washington…

Fishy ‘alarm substance’ analysed

Researchers from the Agency of Science, Technology and Research in Singapore have analysed the nature of the “alarm substance…

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