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Fragments of woodland surrounded by cleared land in south west Australia. Google Earth

Unique Australian wildlife risks vanishing as ecosystems suffer death by a thousand cuts

Australia may have reputation for vast areas of wilderness, but in reality the continent's ecosystems have been chopped and diced. Now we need to protect what's left.
The Bramble Cay melomys - the latest in a long line of extinct Australian mammals. Queensland Government

Another Australian animal slips away to extinction

Last July, the federal environment minister, Greg Hunt, announced the appointment of Gregory Andrews as Australia’s first Threatened Species Commissioner. His mission: to help avert the extinction of a…
Leopardus tigrinus can be found in Eastern Amazonia or the dry semi-arid Caatinga. Project Wild Cats of Brazil

One becomes two: genes show Brazilian wild cat is two species

A new species of wild cat in central and north-eastern Brazil has been confirmed, according to a study published today in…
Captive bred Tasmanian devils have recently been reintroduced to Tasmania. But do we want daring or docile devils in the wild? AAP

Personality matters: when saving animals, fortune favours the bold

Reintroduction programs are key initiatives for re-establishing or re-stocking animal populations, and while some are successful, many, unfortunately, are not. Endangered and critically endangered animals…
The US Endangered Species Act controversially lets ordinary citizens propose endangered species: would it work in Australia? Doug Beckers

Trust the public: citizens can help save endangered species

The US Endangered Species Act, which became law in 1973, was one of the first major pieces of national legislation for the protection of biodiversity. It is still one of the most stringent. It has also…
Only 5% of the world’s plants, and 1% of invertebrates have been assessed under IUCN guidelines. Tim√

Silent declines: recognising unlisted ‘endangered’ species

If an entire forest falls and its occupants approach extinction, does anybody hear it? Since for the vast majority of species, the answer is most likely no, we decided to be proactive and recently published…
An adult female Borneo Rainbow Toad, also referred to as Sambas Stream Toad (Ansonia latidisca); approximately 51 mm in length has been photographed for the first time. © Indraneil Das/http://www.conservation.org/newsroom/pressreleases/Pages/Lost_mphibian_Stages_Amazing_Reappearing_Act.aspx

Rainbow toad reappears after 87 years

A ‘rainbow toad’ not seen in 87 years has been spotted in the forests of Borneo and photographed for the very first time…
Monitor lizard (Varanus macraei), Papua New Guinea. Found on the tiny islands off the Vogelkop (Bird’s Head) Peninsula of Papua in Indonesia and capable of reaching a metre in length. WWF/Lutz Obelgonner

River shark and blue goanna among 1000 new species discovered in New Guinea

A giant river shark, rainbow fish and a lurid blue monitor lizard are among the 1,060 new species discovered in the relatively…

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