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There are ‘his’ and ‘hers’ apps for raising a baby. NotarYES/Shutterstock

Many parenting apps are reinforcing the gender divide

Almost every day, a smartphone app emerges offering some new and exciting functionality. But it’s come to my attention that many of these apps are continuing an old trend: they are purveyors of gender-based…
Bogans may inspire humorous warmth, as in the TV series Housos, but they are also associated in our minds with feral or animal-like qualities. AAP/SBS

Class stereotypes: chavs, white trash, bogans and other animals

The Conversation is running a series, Class in Australia, to identify, illuminate and debate its many manifestations. Here, Nick Haslam reveals that some social groups are consistently seen as being more…
The NotYourAsianSidekick hashtag has ignited a worldwide online conversation about racial stereotyping. Femi Oke/Twitter

Not your Asian stereotype: the fight for diverse identities

In December, I was catching up with a friend over a few glasses of wine. My friend is a white male in his 60s. A passer-by, also a white male, about the same age, stopped by our table. It quickly became…

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