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Ingredients in many sunscreens are bleaching coral and harming marine life.

Making a cleaner, greener, environmentally safe sunscreen

Scientists have discovered a natural sunscreen – made by microbes – that may be better for humans and the marine critters they are hoping to see.
In a four-hour long film, we have all the time in the world to consider the misogyny, misanthropy and pathos. MIFF

Who has the time? Four hours of Norte, the End of History, at MIFF

For an expectant crowd of cinephiles sitting down to see a four-hour film, it is easy enough to identify with Fabian, the main character of Norte, the End of History, that screened at the Melbourne International…
Diet and a little bit of sun can give us vitamin D. Julian Colton

Vitamin D needed to fight comeback of childhood rickets

For most people, our standard diet provides all the necessary vitamins we need. However, childhood vitamin D deficiency in the UK – something that should be a headline from the distant past – has made…
Sunscreen should be re-applied throughout the day, experts say.

Daily sunscreen use puts a brake on skin ageing

If fear of skin cancer was not enough, here’s another reason to slip, slop, slap: daily sunscreen use can dramatically slow…
Sunscreen shouldn’t be your only defence against the sun – clothing, hats, sunglasses and shade are equally important. Flickr/stray kat

Sunscreen, skin cancer and the Australian summer

With the long, hot Australian summer comes the imperative to manage the country’s enormous skin cancer risk. Along with the growing raw numbers (11,545 skin cancer cases diagnosed in 2009) and rates of…
It’s the sun rather than nanoparticles in sunscreen that poses the real health risk. Edson Soares

Time to dispel the fear of nanoparticles in sunscreens

The sunny season has well and truly started, as has the daily summer ritual of applying sunscreen. So now is the perfect time to consider whether “nano sunscreens”, which contain UV filtering nanoparticles…
During summer, most of us get adequate vitamin D from just a few minutes of daily sun exposure. AveLardo

Monday’s medical myth: we’re not getting enough sun

Myths abound about UV radiation and its effect on our health. We hear that sun-protection has triggered an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency; being tanned protects you from sunburn; a tan looks healthy…
A festival worker hands out sunscreen to the crowd at the Big Day Out in Sydney. AAP/Dan Himbrechts

Keep slapping it on: fears over sunscreen nanoparticles unfounded

Human skin can tolerate the tiny metal oxide nanoparticles found in some sunscreens just as well as larger and organic alternatives…
Nanoparticles, as used in sunscreen, are readily absorbed by the body. Tony Bartlett/AAP

Explainer: Nanotechnology and you

For the public, the jury is still out on nanotechnology – the media simultaneously extols its promise and warns of the potential calamity facing humanity. But what is it? How does it work? Is it dangerous…

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