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Smartphones mean games are always at hand – but are they crushing candy or learning a new language? Alpha

Gamification harnesses the power of games to motivate

We're hardwired to love finding patterns, solving puzzles, mastering challenges. Business, education, health, marketing and other fields tap into these drives via game elements to help us hit goals or change behavior.
Cute but formidable. JD Hancock

Why Nintendo is still the games master at 125

In the world of video games few companies have as long or vivid a history as Nintendo, which turns 125 years old this week. Founded in 1889 as a producer of toys and playing-cards, the company is quite…
New words for today: druid, priest and warrior. Boy gaming via wckiww/Shutterstock

How Swedish children learn English through gaming

An hour of homework or an hour of World of Warcraft? It’s not hard to guess what many ten-year-old boys would rather be doing when they get home from school. But now research shows that in non-English…
Women play computer games, but they don’t drive the industry. EPA

Without women, the computer game boom years may not last

An encouraging report by the International Game Developers Association recently found that women now make up 22% of the computer game workforce. This is a massive improvement from the previous figure of…

Big games are often light on themes

Recently, I’ve found myself reacting quite strongly against games I haven’t played yet. Occasionally, to games that haven’t even been released yet. I’ve found myself immediately sceptical and hostile when…

No country for new games

As part of the Liberal government’s slash-and-burn budget on Tuesday night was the surprise announcement that the Australian Interactive Games Fund was to be cut, effective immediately. First announced…
Who knew? A simple flap facilitates a well-established psychological theory.

Flappy Bird and the eight secrets to optimal gameplay

The deceptively simple mobile game app Flappy Bird enjoyed immense popularity when it was launched last year, before being taken down in February by its Vietnam-based creator Dong Nguyen, who said it was…
Well-designed games can produce positive social outcomes. Games for Change

Gaming for social good is more than an ethical diversion

Most of us are only too aware of the seemingly intractable problems we’re facing within healthcare, education, community building, environmental sustainability and regional conflict. But could interactive…

Game cultures

According to a press release sent out by the Game Developers Conference (GDC) at the end of last week, over 24,000 people attended the conference this year. One of the most interesting things about GDC…

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