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If we could test the genome of all Australians we could better target preventive health campaigns. from

Why we should test everyone’s genes to predict disease

If you could take a test that would reveal the diseases you and your family might be more likely to get, would you want to do it?
Precision medicine matches patients with interventions, rather than just matching treatments to illnesses. Shutterstock

Monitoring outcomes is key to improving mental health treatment in South Africa

People with the same condition can respond differently to the same treatment. This is why personalised treatment is so important in all fields of medicine, including psychology.
Understanding the DNA of tumours allows researchers to target treatment to each individual. Erika/Flickr

How cancer doctors use personalised medicine to target variations unique to each tumour

Personalised medicine is based on the idea that by understanding the specific molecular code of a person’s disease, and particularly its genetic makeup, we can more accurately tailor treatment.
Precision medicine delivers treatment based on the particular variant of the disease by taking the genetic make-up of the ill person into account. Micah Baldwin/Flickr

Precision medicine offers the hope of cures made just for you

Hidden among all the other announcements in last week’s State of the Union address by US President Barack Obama was a promise to fund a new “precision medicine initiative”. The president said it would…
The more the merrier. NIAID

Education, breastfeeding and gender affect the microbes on our bodies

Trillions of microbes live in and on our body. We don’t yet fully understand how these microbial ecosystems develop or the full extent to which they influence our health. Some provide essential nutrients…
These data will greatly advance our ability to identify cancers with the same or similar origins. Image from

Cancer ‘signatures’ offer hope for treatment and prevention

Research published in the journal Nature overnight describes the mutations that make cancer cells grow faster than ordinary cells. These “mutational signatures” don’t just open up avenues for better cancer…
Better understanding of cancer biology is leading to small steps towards personalised cancer medicine. Josep Ma. Rosell

Another step in cancer therapy’s move towards personalised medicine

Although in use for over 50 years now, chemotherapy is a blunt instrument in the battle against cancer and one that’s based on an outdated understanding of tumour biology. Personalised treatment has been…

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