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Apple might not use location information for its own benefit, so why collect it? AAP

Is Steve Jobs right about iPhone tracking?

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, hit back at reports yesterday that the company’s iPhones track the movements of its 100 million users. The charge was that Apple was storing a database of this information, to which…
Where we are says a lot about who we are. tulja/Flickr

Location, location: who’s watching you (and why)?

PRIVACY – Your location is arguably more personal than your genetic profile; even identical twins can’t be in the same place at the same time. In terms of value, it’s on a par with your medical records…
Do you trust Facebook as much as you would your best friend? Karen Bleier/AFP

Facebook and your privacy: friend or “unfriend”?

Unless you’ve been chained to a fax machine for the past seven years, you’ll have noticed that Facebook is immensely popular. Users numbered 641 million by February of this year. Making and maintaining…

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