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Trash collected in a 2019 cleanup that removed 24,000 pounds (10,000 kilograms) of garbage from Mount Everest. Narayan Maharjan/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Climbers have turned Mount Everest into a high-altitude garbage dump, but sustainable solutions are within reach

Mountain tourism brings revenues to Nepal but leaves a mess behind. Local and international groups are offering new cleanup strategies.
Icon of the Seas cruise ship is docked after arriving in Ponce, Puerto Rico, on Jan. 2, 2024, as part of its trial voyage and certification process. (AP Photo/Miguel J. Rodriguez Carrillo)

Rough seas or smooth sailing? The cruise industry is booming despite environmental concerns

The cruising industry is two-faced: on the surface, cruises are convenient, exciting holidays with economic benefits. But lurking underneath are its environmental and social impacts.
Farm workers in South Africa will face difficulty working through heatwaves if global warming continues. Klaus Vedfeldt/Getty Images

Climate change makes life harder: in South Africa it’s likely to bring heatwaves, water stress and gender-based violence

The University of Cape Town’s new report on the impacts of climate change in South Africa found that heatwaves and water stress will affect jobs, deepen inequality, and increase gender-based violence.
Inaugurated in February, the new Arena Porte de La Chapelle, which will be used for gymnastics and badminton, is seen as an opportunity for the area to shed its poor reputation. Miguel Medina/AFP

Does hosting the Olympics, the World Cup or other major sports events really pay off?

Do big sporting events such as the Olympics help boost tourist numbers in the long run? It all depends on where they take place, according to research.

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