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Alexandra township is situated next to the wealthy suburb of Sandton, laying bare post-apartheid South Africa’s vast gulf between wealth and poverty. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

South Africa can’t crack the inequality curse. Why, and what can be done

Efforts have been made to change the patterns of inequality in South Africa. But not enough has been done. Race-based inequality is still a real problem.
A Taliban fighter stands guard as women wait to receive food rations distributed by a humanitarian aid group, in Kabul, Afghanistan, in May 2023. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi, File)

The Taliban’s war on women in Afghanistan must be formally recognized as gender apartheid

The Taliban’s two years ruling Afghanistan have taught us ordinary human rights initiatives are insufficient to address gender apartheid. We need resolute collective international action.
Nelson Mandela, the late first president of democratic South Africa, is credited with the relatively peaceful transition from apartheid rule. Per-Anders Pettersson/Getty Images

Nelson Mandela’s legacy is taking a battering because of the dismal state of South Africa

There is never going to be a final assessment of Mandela’s legacy. How it is regarded will continue to change, depending on the destination South Africa travels to.
There are more black African academic staff at South African universities than before. PeopleImages/Getty Images

South African universities must do more to tackle staffs’ race and gender imbalances

Despite some positive shifts, the staffing situation at public higher education institutions remains polarised in terms of race and gender.

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