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Blaming international students for Canada’s problems distracts attention away from finding genuine solutions. (Shutterstock)

International students are not to blame for Canada’s housing crisis

International students frequently face challenges finding suitable places to live. Instead of blaming them, the government should be helping them.
Researchers examined 15 Ontario municipalities with a major university campus, and found only one (Waterloo) had adopted plans designed to accommodate student housing near the campus. Student-oriented housing under construction in Waterloo, Ont., in 2016. (Evelyn Hofmann)

Student housing crisis: Municipal bylaws have created roadblocks for decades

Local governments have far too often been let off the hook for approaches that discreetly limit where students may live.
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser at a press conference in Ottawa on April 19, 2023. Canadian Press/Spencer Colby

Ottawa is doing little to eliminate discrimination against French-speaking African students

Despite denunciations of discrimination against French-speaking students who want to settle in Canada, particularly Africans, the federal government does not seem to want to act.
International students are a major source of cheap labour for Canada, income for landlords and revenue for post-secondary institutions. (Shutterstock)

International students face exploitation in Canada and abroad

Recent reports that 700 international students and graduates could be deported from Canada reveal how the immigration system leaves them open to exploitation.
There are variations in school curricula, grading policies and practices and social, cultural and educational values that affect grading and schooling internationally. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

Why universities need to look beyond grades when admitting international students

Understanding complex and contextual differences in grading across cultures and countries is important. Only in doing so can we interpret student achievement based on grades in a fair and valid way.

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