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First foot. NASA

Is space still awesome?

World Space Week is one of a series of events co-ordinated by the UN to celebrate the global nature of space exploration. It was established in 1999. Why is it organised this particular week? Because October…
Soaring above Western Australia: we need a new approach to get more of a share in the global space industry. Flickr/NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Investing in space: what the UK Space Agency can teach Australia

Australia has had an active civil space program since 1947 but has much to learn if it is to capture a bigger share of growing billion dollar global space industry. The potential size and scope of the…
One more in the sky, this time on a grey rock. Xinhua

Prestige and one-upmanship fuel China’s lunar rover

Earlier this week China launched one of its venerable Long March rockets. That event in itself is no longer news as China has become one of the world’s busiest and most reliable providers of satellite…

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