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Tony Abbott leaves the partyroom on September 14, having lost the Liberal leadership and prime ministership to Malcolm Turnbull. AAP/Sam Mooy

2015, the year that was: Politics + Society

2015 started as it finished, with terrorist atrocities, intractable conflicts and political upheavals that toppled several leaders, including Australia's prime minister, Tony Abbott.
We’ll always have Paris - arguably the year’s defining image for climate policy. Reuters/Stephane Mahe

2015, the year that was: Environment + Energy

Amid the usual doom and gloom, 2015 brought one big environmental triumph: the first truly global climate deal.
Broadcaster Alan Jones was a good sport and readily acknowledged his error on the cost of wind power, giving The Conversation its best-read FactCheck of 2015. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

FactCheck Year in Review: sorting fact from fiction in 2015

In 2015 we heard plenty of assertions that sounded a lot like facts -- even when they really weren't.

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