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Scientific testing has zeroed in on the advantages of a zebra’s striped coat. Tim Caro

Zebra’s stripes are a no fly zone for flies

How the zebra got its stripes is not only a just-so story, but an object of scientific inquiry. New research suggests that stripes help zebras evade biting flies and the deadly diseases they carry.
Pretty impressive, mimicry octopus, but you don’t fool us. Klaus Stiefel/flickr

Some shape-shifting animals that can morph to fool others

Last week, a new frog capable of shape-shifting, was discovered. Though many other animals use camouflage, there are only a few other species known which can actually shift their shape.

New Mexican spider covers itself in soil

Scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico have discovered a new species of spider — that covers itself…
Max Dupain, Bankstown aerodrome camouflage experiment, c.1943. National Archives of Australia

Hidden history: Max Dupain, modernism and war time camouflage

Max Dupain and Frank Hinder are among the many significant artists who contributed decisively to Australia’s modernist tradition. Less well known, however, is that they both worked for Australia’s military…
Rapid colour change may occur due to various “triggers” – but what are they? Today is a good day

How do chameleons and other creatures change colour?

When most people think of colour change, they think of octopuses or chameleons - but the ability to rapidly change colour is surprisingly widespread. Many species of crustaceans, insects, cephalopods (squid…
How and why have the colour patterns of coral reef fish changed over time? David Cook

Dazzling or deceptive? The markings of coral reef fish

Have you ever wondered why coral reef fishes are so brilliantly coloured and bizarrely patterned? A quick flick through any coral reef fish guide will leave you bewildered and awed. To answer this question…

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