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Why green ammonia may not be that green

There’s more to sustainability than net zero. Using green ammonia for fuel and as a way to transport hydrogen could add to nitrogen pollution that already exceeds safe planetary boundaries.
Shipping is responsible for about 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions – that’s more than most countries produce. Querbeet/E+ via Getty Images

Global shipping is under pressure to stop its heavy fuel oil use fast – that’s not simple, but changes are coming

Shipping companies have billions invested in fleets that were built to last decades. Now, the US is calling for zero emissions by 2050, and the EU is raising the cost of fossil fuel use.
Is the EU’s new legislation a coup de grâce or a promise of transition for sensitive sectors in fragile countries, such as the steel industry in Bosnia-Herzegovina? Elvis Barukcic/AFP

Is Europe’s new carbon border tax fair for everyone?

Already lacking the means to decarbonise their industry or turn to greener alternatives, poor countries could also be deprived of revenues from exports to Europe.
In Reykjavik, Iceland, a Climeworks factory located at the back of a power plant draws in ambient air and releases it as largely purified CO2 through ventilators. Halldor Kolbeins/AFP

Forget net-zero: to halt global heating, aim for net-negative

New research suggests it will be next to impossible to limit global warming to safe levels without relying on technologies to directly remove carbon from the air.

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