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The Supreme Court’s decision on the power of federal agencies versus courts will have various ripple effects on abortion policy in the country. Celal Gunes/Anadolu via Getty Images

Supreme Court’s blow to federal agencies’ power will likely weaken abortion rights – 3 issues to watch

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling means that judges will have more power than scientific experts in determining whether people should be able to get an emergency abortion, for example.
The Nutrition Facts label is designed to meet shifting dietary trends and public health goals. NoDerog/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Nutrition Facts labels have a complicated legacy – a historian explains the science and politics of translating food into information

The process of converting food into nutritional information is more than just a scientific process. It involves many political and technical compromises that continue to shape the food industry today.
Drugs used to treat alcohol use disorder have been on the market for decades but are rarely prescribed. Krit of Studio OMG/Moment via Getty Images

Alcohol use disorder can be treated with an array of medications – but few people have heard of them

Alcohol is responsible for more deaths than overdoses from opioids and all other substances combined, yet less than 10% of people with alcohol use disorder receive treatment.
Cows typically get over avian flu in a couple of weeks, but it’s an economic blow for farms. AP Photo/Charlie Litchfield

How bird flu virus fragments get into milk sold in stores, and what the spread of H5N1 in cows means for the dairy industry and milk drinkers

Five livestock experts who study infectious diseases in the dairy industry explain the risks.
Pro-abortion rights activists rally in front of the Supreme Court on March 26, 2024, the day justices heard oral arguments about the use of mifepristone. Drew Angerer/AFP via Getty Images

Abortion drug access could be limited by Supreme Court − if the court decides anti-abortion doctors can, in fact, challenge the FDA

Two legal scholars who study abortion-related laws explain what happened at the Supreme Court in a case that could make it harder to get an abortion.
Within weeks, for the first time in the U.S. consumers will be able to find a birth control pill on retail shelves. Bill Oxford/iStock via Getty Images

Opill, the first over-the-counter birth control pill, will be on shelves soon − here are some key things to know

Once available, Opill will be the most effective form of nonprescription birth control on the market. But you should still speak with your health care provider about any questions.
Neptune’s Fix, a tianeptine-containing “Elixir” as it’s labeled, is one of the most common of these products. U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Popularly known as ‘gas station heroin,’ tianeptine is being sold as a dietary supplement – with deadly outcomes

Tianeptine is dangerous as an active ingredient, but the products containing it have no quality control and could be contaminated with metals, microorganisms or other undisclosed drugs.
This is the second FDA alert this year on contaminated eye drops. eternalcreative/iStock via Getty Images Plus

FDA’s latest warnings about eye drop contamination put consumers on edge − a team of infectious disease experts explain the risks

A bacterial contamination of the work environment at facilities that produce eye drops can lead to severe infections and even death, as was the case earlier in 2023.
The CDC expects the updated shots to be effective at preventing severe COVID-19, even in the face of new variants. Teka77/iStock via Getty Images Plus

CDC greenlights two updated COVID-19 vaccines, but how will they fare against the latest variants? 5 questions answered

Only time and data will tell whether the CDC-recommended reformulated shots can stand their ground against the ever-changing SARS-CoV-2 variants.
During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, social media was awash with promotions for ADHD as an explanation for people’s overwhelmed state of mind. useng/iStock via Getty Images Plus

More adults than ever have been seeking ADHD medications – an ADHD expert explains what could be driving the trend

The COVID-19 pandemic may have played a considerable role in the uptick of adults being treated for ADHD. But more data is needed to determine whether the trends will continue.

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