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In Australia, public swimming pools are significant community assets. But for some groups - like solo parents - access can be limited. Shutterstock

For many, a pool swim is an Australian birthright. Let’s make it easier for solo parents to claim it

Active supervision of children at public pools is crucial. But with a few creative policy interventions, we can make it easier for solo parents to visit the pool with kids in tow.
If public pools matter to you, tell us why on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #myfavouritepool. This is Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool at Woolloomooloo Bay in Sydney. Flickr/Dan

Why are public pools important in Australia? For our #myfavouritepool series, we’re asking you

Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing a series of stories on why public pools matter - to the economy, to social well-being and to our shared history. But we also want to hear from you.

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