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left to right: Elliott Gould, Natalie Wood, Robert Culp and Dyan Cannon on the poster for the 1969 film ‘Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice’. Movie Poster Image Art/Getty Images

The Ethical Slut has been called ‘the bible’ of non-monogamy – but its sexual utopia is oversimplified

The publication 25 years ago of The Ethical Slut shattered social norms and stigma about non-monogamy. It’s now sold over 200,000 copies – and continues to be important.
Adania Shibli was awarded the prize for her novel about the 1949 murder of a Palestinian girl by Israeli soldiers. Marco Destefanis/Alamy

Frankfurt book fair: cancelled prize ceremony for Palestinian author is part of a long history of political zigzagging

From dubious guests of honour from oppressive states to allowing far-right publishers to show, Frankfurt Book Fair’s political stances have been all over the place.
Librarian Sharice Towles checks in books at the main branch of the Reading Public Library circulation desk in Reading, Penn. Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

How book-banning campaigns have changed the lives and education of librarians – they now need to learn how to plan for safety and legally protect themselves

Librarians are defending the rights of readers and writers in the battle raging across the US over censorship, book challenges and book bans. That conflict has even changed how librarians are trained.

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