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An Indonesian police officer gets tested for COVID-19 in Tangerang, Banten. ANTARA FOTO/Muhammad Iqbal/aww

Shame and fear: lessons to learn as COVID-19 collides with a growing HIV epidemic in Indonesia

Shame and fear resulting from stigma and discrimination can drive increased transmission of COVID-19 and prevent vital public health control.
Local fishermen take matters into their own hands to rescue dozens of Rohingya people drifting on a broken boat in waters off Lhoksukon in Aceh. Rahmad/Antara Foto

Why Aceh is a rare place of welcome for Rohingya refugees

Islamic solidarity, customary law and their experience of conflict and foreign aid can explain the Acehnese greeting people in need with open arms.
A mother (right) talks to her children’s teachers on the progress of her children’s education in Kediri, East Java. During the pandemic, schools in Indonesia are closed and classes are conducted online. This adds to the burden on women. ANTARA FOTO/Prasetia Fauzani

Indonesia’s rise in domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic: why it happens and how to seek help

The rate of domestic violence cases has increased in Indonesia due to the pandemic.
David Fairchild (middle) drinks coconut water during a break from research work in West Java. Fairchild, D. (1938). The World was My Garden: Travels of Plant Explorer. New York, London

Why the role of native Indonesians in developing science is often overlooked during colonialism

In the history of science, the role of local people often disappears despite their contribution to the development of science.

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