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Some animals, including goats, regularly give birth to two babies at once. Image Source via Getty Images

Can animals give birth to twins?

Animals often give birth to litters of more than one offspring at a time. But are those babies twins?
It’s tempting to envision orcas attacking yachts as the forward troops in an animal uprising. Jackson Roberts/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Memes about animal resistance are everywhere — here’s why you shouldn’t laugh off rebellious orcas and sea otters too quickly

A few marine mammals in apparent revolt pushed meme-makers into overdrive. But a scholar who thinks about justice and human-animal relations suggests something deeper is behind the schadenfreude.
A conservation researcher counts ringtailed lemurs for a zoo’s annual stock take. Zoos have the capacity to do more for conservation science and practice. (AP Photo/Jon Super).

Zoos and universities must work together to safeguard wildlife and improve conservation

Zoos have the potential to do more for growing conservation science and practice.

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