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Cows and their calves graze near Cremona, Alta., in 2019. Rather than seeing photos of animal abuses, efforts to educate people about how they mourn and have rich social lives might be more effective. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Is seeing believing? Not really, so animal welfare campaigns should take a different approach

It’s important to design public awareness campaigns that illuminate the richness of animal lives by directing attention to actual animal agency rather than to the human abusers of animals.
Endangered North Atlantic right whale Snow Cone, entangled in fishing rope, with her newborn calf off Georgia in 2021. Georgia Department of Natural Resources/NOAA Permit #21731, via AP

Surviving fishing gear entanglement isn’t enough for endangered right whales – females still don’t breed afterward

Even when female North Atlantic right whales survive entanglement in fishing gear, it may affect their future ability to breed, increasing the pressure on this critically endangered species.
Survival curves for eight pure breeds. Border collie (dark blue), border terrier (light blue), bulldog (green), French bulldog (red), labrador retriever (orange), mastiff (purple), miniature dachshund (pink) and pug (brown). All purebreds vary significantly from crossbreds (light purple). Liliya Kulianionak/Shutterstock

How long might your dog live? New study calculates life expectancy for different breeds

New research shows that certain breeds tend to live longer than others, and this could help potential owners decide which companion is best for them.
Horseshoe crabs in spawning season at Reeds Beach, N.J., on June 13, 2023. AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Horseshoe crab blood is vital for testing intravenous drugs, but new synthetic alternatives could mean pharma won’t bleed this unique species dry

Horseshoe crabs play a unique role in medicine, but they’re also ecologically important in their home waters along the Atlantic coast. Can regulators balance the needs of humans and nature?

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