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Economists are using models to try to determine what short- and long-term impacts the coronavirus pandemic will have on the global economy. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

It could take two years for the economy to recover from the coronavirus pandemic

As countries get ready to re-open their economies, will there be a post-pandemic recovery? History and current economic models suggest those looking for a quick rebound will be disappointed.
Research shows Canadians want to move away from the GDP as a measurement of progress, prosperity and happiness, and consider protecting the environment more critical than growth. A hiker is seen here in British Columbia. Alex Shutin, Unsplash

Are Canadians ready to ditch GDP as a key prosperity indicator?

With a deepening climate crisis, unprecedented biodiversity loss and widespread inequality, it’s pertinent to question if indefinite GDP growth will deliver true and long-lasting prosperity.
Treasury Secretary Steven Kennedy with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann at Senate estimates on Thursday. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Economic growth near an end as Treasury talks of prolonged coronavirus downturn

Australia’s three-decade run of near continuous economic growth is set to end, with treasury warning of a hit to growth of ‘at least’ 0.5%, potentially followed by a ‘prolonged downturn’.

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