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Even at major NCAA Division I schools like Alabama, whether or not their athletic programs turn a profit varies by year. Tim Murphy/Flickr

Who actually funds intercollegiate athletic programs?

Parents, government officials, and tuition-paying students are all seeking solutions to the skyrocketing costs of higher education and the burden of student debt. Currently, public universities in America…
Christopher Pyne says our universities need reform, but that doesn’t mean his ‘plan A’ is the only option. AAP

University funding reform blocked? There’s a pretty obvious ‘Plan B’

The Senate has rejected the Coalition’s plans to deregulate university fees, cut university funding by 20% and extend government subsidies to private providers, despite a few modest measures offered at…
The Senate has rejected Christopher Pyne’s fee deregulation plan, but that doesn’t mean the sector isn’t in need of reform. AAP

Fee deregulation is a bad idea, but our universities do need reform

Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s scheme for the deregulation of university fees is dead or delayed. Either way it has been exposed as bad for Australia. This is because it will put universities in…
Pyne has reincarnated and reintroduced his failed Higher Education Bill, but it still doesn’t provide an answer to the problem of ballooning student debt under fee deregulation. AAP

New higher ed bill still doesn’t solve the biggest problem: debt

On Tuesday night, the Senate voted to block the government’s Higher Education Reform Bill. Despite last-minute negotiations, consensus could not be reached regarding its signature element – fee deregulation…
Education Minister Christopher Pyne is still adamant on getting his higher education reforms through the Senate next year. AAP/Lukas Coch

Government determined to fight on for university fee deregulation

After the Senate sent his higher education bill packing, Education Minister Christopher Pyne dropped into a Universities Australia reception, which serendipitously happened to be in full swing at Parliament…
Christopher Pyne’s higher education reforms have been knocked back by the Senate. AAP/Lukas Coch

Senate torpedoes Pyne’s university deregulation

The Senate has voted down Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s higher education measures – one of the budget’s key reforms – in a major defeat for the Abbott government. But Pyne announced the government…
Glenn Lazarus has confirmed the Palmer United Party won’t support the government’s higher education reform package. AAP/Lukas Coch

Don’t harass me, Lazarus tells Pyne

Palmer United Party Senate leader Glenn Lazarus has warned Education Minister Christopher Pyne to “stop harassing” him and other crossbenchers as the government tries desperately to get its higher education…
If passed, the changes to higher education will mean Australia is ‘sleepwalking towards the privatisation of its universities’, according to University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Stephen Parker. AAP/Paul Miller

Stephen Parker: higher education changes a ‘fraud on the electorate’

Had someone told me last summer that I would be defending public universities on the first day of next summer I would have ridiculed the idea. Somehow I believed what the Coalition wrote in early 2013…
Labor has been touting the notion of $100,000 degrees under fee deregulation, but how likely are they in reality? AAP

Labor’s ‘$100,000 degree’ projections are misleading

The government’s proposed changes to higher education are a platform on which Labor can fight the next election. The strategy is simple: don’t try to modify the package, or offer new solutions. Just shoot…
Hidden costs of campus life. University of Exeter

Plug the university finance gap by turning teaching greener

As students take to the streets calling for free higher education, a spotlight is being shone again on the sustainability of England’s higher education system. While much of the debate centres around financial…
Should fee deregulation pass in the Senate this week, there needs to be serious discussion about an independent oversight body. AAP

Why the higher education reforms need to be independently overseen

The proposed changes to higher education, including the deregulation of fees, while offering potentially significant benefits, also carry significant social and economic risks. Should the bill pass in…
Are scholarships to help out students in need? Or to make universities look good? AAP

What are scholarships for?

The University of Sydney’s Vice-Chancellor, Michael Spence, presumably achieved his political aim by announcing that his university could offer scholarships to almost a third of its students if fees were…
In the wake of a Senate committee report, Christopher Pyne faces an uphill battle to get his higher education legislation through. AAP

Pass higher education bill with amendments: Senate inquiry

The Senate inquiry into the government’s proposed suite of changes to higher education has now reported. The committee came up with five recommendations, some of which were foreshadowed by Education Minister…
Australia has undergone a significant shift from the Whitlam days when tertiary education was free. Dean Lewins/AAP

Why our university funding debate wouldn’t make sense to Germans

Recent times have seen heated debates in Australia about whether higher education tuition fees should be deregulated, and about the private/public benefits of higher education. A question that goes to…
When choosing which university to attend, price is not high on most Australians’ list of priorities. Shutterstock

Does price matter when picking a university?

The proposed changes to higher education, including the removal of caps on student fees, have led many to question what drives students to pick a university. In a deregulated market will universities compete…

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