Curtin University

Curtin is Western Australia’s largest university, welcoming 58,000 students. In addition to our main campus in Perth, we have campuses in Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore. In 2017, we celebrated “50 Years of Innovation”, recognising the strides we have made in evolving from the Western Australian Institute of Technology (1967–1986) to the sophisticated global university we are today.

Curtin leads a number of major international research projects and is involved with more than 70 research centres and collaborations.

Our growing reputation has seen us rapidly rise up the international rankings in recent years. In 2017, we were ranked among the top one percent of the world’s universities in the Academic Ranking of World Universities.


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Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have faced off in a televised debate for the third and final time this election campaign. AAP/Lukas Coch

Rooty Hill people’s forum: experts respond

Prime minister Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Tony Abbott faced off tonight for the third time in the 2013 election campaign at the Rooty Hill RSL Club in Sydney’s western suburbs. In the town hall-style…
Most strains of E.coli live quite happily in human and animal intestines, but some of these bacteria can cause diarrhoea as well as serious illnesses. Shutterstock

Explainer: what is E.coli?

There has been a small outbreak of E. coli infection in Brisbane. Three children and one adult who attended the Brisbane Royal Agricultural Show, also known as Ekka, tested positive for the bacterial infection…
Unlike LSD, which has a relatively low toxicity profile, NBOMe drugs carry a number of additional risks. Image from

Explainer: what is NBOMe?

NBOMe is an abbreviation for N-methoxybenzyl. While NBOMe is often referred to as a drug, it’s not a singular drug but a series of drugs that contain an N-methoxybenzyl group. The most common NBOMes that…
ADM’s takeover bid on Graincorp is stirring foreign investment fears. AAP

GrainCorp and the thorny issue of foreign ownership

No other product category generates as much emotion as food. This should come as no surprise as nations have fought to protect and to provide a reliable supply of food for their burgeoning population since…
Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have faced off in a second debate - this time, a ‘people’s forum’ in front of 100 undecided voters. AAP/Lukas Coch

Rudd vs Abbott people’s forum: experts respond

Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have met in a “town hall” style leaders’ debate at the Broncos Leagues Club in Brisbane. Abbott and Rudd took questions from an audience of 100 undecided voters on issues from…
WA Nationals MP Tony Crook is not running for re-election in September. Who will succeed in the ‘friendly’ battle for O'Connor? AAP/Penny Bradfield

‘Friendly’ rivalry in O’Connor: can the Nationals win again?

The Western Australian seat of O’Connor provides a fascinating battle between the Liberal and National parties that reflects a struggle to win the hearts and minds – and votes – of regional Western Australians…
Can the Coalition deliver its promised 1.5% company tax cut? AAP

The Coalition’s company tax promise – does it add up?

Debate rages on between political adversaries and policy commentators following Tony Abbott’s commitment to cut the company tax rate in Australia by 1.5% from 1 July, 2015. What are the facts behind the…
Was chief Kim Williams the victim of a culture clash within News Corp Austraia? AAP

News Corp Australia chief Kim Williams resigns: expert reaction

The announcement of News Corporation Australia chief executive Kim Williams’ resignation has been greeted with surprise. Williams spent 20 months in the job after heading up subscription network Foxtel…

Do election promises matter?

Following stinging criticism for breaking key promises made in the Western Australia March state election, premier Colin Barnett recently remarked on Perth’s Radio 6PR: “I don’t think people study the…
If cars aren’t the way to go in manufacturing, maybe we should look to green technology. Flickr/Michael Caven

Can Kevin Rudd revive the green manufacturing dream?

Australia’s ailing car manufacturing industry will receive a A$200m funding boost. And all cars in Commonwealth fleets will have to be Australian-made. The policy was announced today by Kim Carr, Minister…
More students are attending university, but how many drop out?

FactCheck: are university drop-out rates higher than ever?

“Today’s drop-out rates are higher than ever before, 20% across-the-board, and in some cases one-in-two. And that’s just one side effect of the demand driven system.” National affairs correspondent Heather…
The gas we’ve taken for granted is in increasingly limited supply. 【Kelly D Photography】

Helium rationing, a looming crisis – and a sinking feeling

Helium demand is rapidly outpacing supply, cheap helium is gone forever and rationing is inevitable. More disturbingly is that a global helium supply crisis is looming this year. The fact is that the US…
In the aftermath of Glee star Cory Monteith’s death, a lot of media attention has focused on his ‘troubled life’ and ‘dark past’. EPA/MIKE NELSON

Cory Monteith, addiction and the search for better endings

Public attitudes towards drugs are shaped by many things, including high-profile celebrity encounters with drugs and addiction. One unfortunate example of this involves popular Canadian actor Cory Monteith…

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