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Freie Universität Berlin

The Freie Universität Berlin is a renowned research university located in Berlin and one of the most prominent universities in Germany.


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Entrepreneurs face many obstacles that threaten their survival, including financial insecurity and market uncertainties. (Shutterstock)

5 ways entrepreneurs can become more psychologically resilient

By investing in learning, believing in your capabilities and vision, harnessing failure as fuel for growth and leaning on social support, anyone can become a psychologically resilient entrepreneur.
South Korean people watch a live TV report showing North Korea’s special announcement that it has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) at a station in Seoul, South Korea, 29 November 2017. EPA-EFE/KIM HEE-CHUL

For Beijing, the greatest threat to China’s national security is not the Kim regime: it is the US

China is reluctant to be more active in dealing with Pyongyang for fear of consolidating the US take over in the region.
Les provocations de la Corée du Nord exacerbent le conflit entre Pékin et Washington dans la course au pouvoir en Asie du sud-est. Nicolas Asfouri/AFP

Pour Pékin, la vraie menace ne vient pas de la Corée du Nord mais des États-Unis

Pour le gouvernement Xi, un embargo brutal contre la Corée du Nord nuirait aux ambitions hégémoniques de la Chine et l’affaiblirait face aux États-Unis en quête de toute puissance dans la région.
Publicité pour le “coussin à sensations sexuelles”, appelé aussi “compagne pour dormir” © Dekunobô

Au Japon, des coussins comme partenaires sexuels

Au Japon, le marché des jouets sexuels pour hommes présente une catégorie toute particulière d’objets : les coussins. Ces « corps » associent de façon toute paradoxale le désir et le sommeil.
‘Counter-Strike’ has sold over 25 million units, making it one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time. Miyaoka Hitchcock/flickr

How the US military is using ‘violent, chaotic, beautiful’ video games to train soldiers

Two researchers interviewed military members and vets to see what role first-person shooters played in their lives – before, during and after their enlistments.
Laying wreaths in front of the Freedom Wall in Washington on V-E Day 2015. Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Victory in Europe remembered

On Memorial Day, reflecting on the meaning of the ‘liberation’ of Europe 70 years on.


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