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McGill University

Founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1821, McGill University is Canada’s top ranked medical doctoral university. McGill is consistently ranked as one of the top universities, both nationally and internationally. It is a world-renowned institution of higher learning with research activities spanning two campuses, 11 faculties, 13 professional schools, 300 programs of study and over 40,000 students, including more than 10,200 graduate students. McGill attracts students from over 150 countries around the world, its 12,800 international students making up 31% per cent of the student body. Over half of McGill students claim a first language other than English, including approximately 19% of our students who say French is their mother tongue.

Fondée en 1821, à Montréal, au Québec, l’Université McGill figure au premier rang des universités canadiennes offrant des programmes de médecine et de doctorat. Elle se classe parmi les meilleures universités au Canada et dans le monde. Institution d’enseignement supérieur de renommée mondiale, l’Université McGill exerce ses activités de recherche dans deux campus, 11 facultés et 13 écoles professionnelles; elle compte 300 programmes d’études et au‑delà de 40 000 étudiants, dont plus de 10 200 aux cycles supérieurs. Elle accueille des étudiants originaires de plus de 150 pays, ses 12 800 étudiants internationaux représentant 31 % de sa population étudiante. Au‑delà de la moitié des étudiants de l’Université McGill ont une langue maternelle autre que l’anglais, et environ 19 % sont francophones.


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The best way to stop new variants from arising is to increase the proportion of vaccinated individuals while maintaining infection prevention measures like wearing masks and social distancing. (Shutterstock)

Omicron: Vaccines remain the best defence against this COVID-19 variant and others

Even with a variant like Omicron that may be more transmissible than earlier variants, vaccines remain the most effective tool for protection against COVID-19 and for ending the pandemic.
Une femme et un enfant passent devant une clinique de vaccination Covid-19, le 23 novembre 2021 à Montréal. Le Québec a commencé à vacciner les enfants âgés de 5 à 11 ans. La Presse canadienne/Ryan Remiorz

Comment les biais cognitifs influencent l'hésitation vaccinale

Des chercheurs ont utilisé les sciences cognitives pour montrer comment les biais cognitifs alimentent l’hésitation à l’égard des vaccins.
Vaccine hesitancy has been a growing challenge for more than a decade. Concerns about vaccine safety and adverse events are the most commonly cited reasons. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis) 

How cognitive biases and adverse events influence vaccine decisions (maybe even your own)

To help increase trust in vaccines, researchers analyzed data on adverse events to address safety concerns, and then used cognitive science to show how cognitive biases feed vaccine hesitancy.
For some Indigenous people, participating in Canadian elections continues the legitimacy of the Canadian state. (Shutterstock)

A vote for Canada or Indigenous Nationhood? The complexities of First Nations, Métis and Inuit participation in Canadian politics

Indigenous people who vote are reminding Canada of the nation-to-nation relationships that continue to exist and to bring change from within the very structure that has been used to erase them.
Les prévisions actuelles concernant l’avenir du climat ne vont pas assez loin. Shutterstock

Nos projections climatiques pour l’an 2500 montrent que la Terre sera inhospitalière pour les humains

Les prévisions relatives au changement climatique prennent souvent l’année 2100 comme point final. Mais il est important d’envisager ce qui se passera au-delà, au moins jusqu’à l’an 2500.
Le mouvement #MeToo ne s'est pas étendu aux jeunes enfants victimes d'agression sexuelle. Leur voix est peu entendue dans l'espace public. (Shutterstock)

Les jeunes enfants victimes d’agression sexuelle n’ont pas de voix dans l’espace public

Le mouvement #MeToo a permis aux victimes d’agressions d’être entendues dans l’espace public. Les enfants, qui forment une grande proportion des victimes de violences sexuelles, demeurent sans voix.
Potential conflicts in space over resources can be prevented by a commitment to peaceful collaboration. (Shutterstock)

Space exploration should aim for peace, collaboration and co-operation, not war and competition

As the space race is resumed, and expanded to include private corporations, it is more important than ever to lay the groundwork for peaceful collaboration.
Vulnerability to suicide may build up throughout the course of life, and may start with events occurring in the perinatal period and infancy. (Shutterstock)

Understanding the early-life origins of suicide: Vulnerability may begin even before birth

Early life influences have been linked to higher risk of suicide later in life. Reducing those risks, and boosting resilience in children exposed to them, may help reduce suicide rates.
A new Canada-wide survey shows 28 per cent of women-led households struggle with the affordability, suitability or adequacy of their housing. This is almost double the rate of households led by men. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson

New data shows that homelessness is a women’s rights issue

Women, girls and gender-diverse people have unique experiences of housing and housing loss.


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