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University of Plymouth

A three times Queens Anniversary Prize winner, we have a proud reputation for conducting world-leading, impactful research. From health technologies to heritage; marine sciences to medicine; psychology to sustainability, University of Plymouth researchers are winning major funding grants, publishing papers in high-impact journals, and forging powerful international partnerships. We are fast developing a critical mass of expertise in emerging areas such as agri-technology, antimicrobial resistance, cybersecurity and creative economies. Our response to global environmental challenges, from the low carbon agenda to water quality and food security in the developing world, highlights our robust commitment to finding solutions to climate change.

Our research strengths take advantage of our coastal and rural location, including the breath-taking natural laboratory of Plymouth Sound. Our waterfront Marine Station, home to our extensive fleet of research vessels, complements the Marine Building featuring wave tanks, a navigation centre, and the cutting-edge Cyber-SHIP Lab that tackles maritime cybersecurity issues.

The new Brain Research and Imaging Centre is the most advanced multi-modal facility in the region and, together with our medical research facility and faculty, is co-located with the University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, facilitating a cross-collaborative environment where many staff combine consultation work and research.


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Tiny phytoplankon are at the start of the food chain. R Kirby

The smartphone app that could rescue the world’s plankton

Phytoplankton are the microscopic plant-like cells that float in the sea’s sunlit surface. They underpin the marine food chain and controversy over their stocks means it’s necessary to better understand…
But fare rises are in line with inflation. London Permaculture

Believe it or not, rising rail fares are actually good news

I wonder how many friends I would make among commuters by suggesting last week’s 3% rise in rail fares is at least in part a good news story. Of course, there has been understandable indignation that fares…
With a bang, not a whimper. Trey Ratcliff, Flickr

Explainer: the science of fireworks

While large firework displays have become even more more popular over the past ten years or so, most of the chemistry behind these exuberant displays has been known for centuries. Marrying this with modern…
Cold water dolphins are in decline in northern Scotland as waters warm. Nick Harewood

Marine life spawns sooner as our oceans warm

Warming oceans are having an impact on the breeding patterns and habitat of marine life, effectively re-arranging the broader marine landscape as species adjust to a changing climate, according to a three-year…
An Armoured Mistfrog blending into a rock. Robert Puschendorf

Australian endangered species: Torrent frogs

Torrent frogs are an interesting group of frogs found in the rainforests of north-east Australia. There are four species in the group: the Mountain Mistfrog (Litoria nyakalensis), the Armoured Mistfrog…


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