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A man fishes the head of a statue of Queen Victoria from the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg. Her statue and a statue of Queen Elizabeth were toppled and vandalized on Canada Day. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Kelly Geraldine Malone

‘History wars’ in the U.S. and Canada provoked by a racial reckoning with the past

Movements that challenge former national icons demonstrate the importance of history-making in an age of racial reconciliation. But ‘history wars’ won’t get us anywhere.
Avec la fin de la pandémie, les prix des denrées alimentaires sont appelés à augmenter. Mais l'utilisation de la technologie de manière intelligente et humaine peut freiner l'inflation des prix. (Pixabay)

Le prix de la nourriture augmente, mais on peut inverser la tendance

Comment faire baisser les prix des denrées alimentaires ? Utiliser la technologie pour changer la façon dont nous produisons les aliments pour nous assurer du respect de l’environnement.
Food prices are poised to become higher post-pandemic. But using technology smartly and humanely can put the brakes to food price inflation. (Pixabay)

Food is poised to get a lot more expensive, but it doesn’t have to

How to keep food prices down? Use technology to change the way we produce food and public policy to ensure there’s a fair price put on things like climate change, human labour and animal welfare.
Why have Uber drivers been regarded more favourably than taxi drivers? Lexi Anderson/Unsplash

How Uber drivers avoided — and contributed to — the fate of taxi drivers

Taxi drivers and Uber drivers perform the same work, but Uber’s categorization as a tech company has contributed to the historical stigma against taxi drivers.
Dans un avenir rapproché, des tracteurs robotisés reliés à une base de données pourront sillonner les champs en semant à chaque endroit une quantité exacte de semence et de fertilisant, permettant de ce fait d’abaisser le niveau de consommation énergétique, de pollution et de gaspillage. Shutterstock

Voici trois innovations en agriculture qui vont révolutionner notre alimentation tout en aidant la planète

La production alimentaire locale tout au long de l’année est à notre portée et réduira l’impact de l’agriculture sur le climat – mais seulement si nous adoptons la technologie agricole.
Soon robotic smart tractors will drive themselves through fields and will use data to plant the right seed in the right place and give each plant exactly the right amount of fertilizer, cutting down on energy, pollution and waste. (Shutterstock)

3 technologies poised to change food and the planet

Year round local food production is within our grasp, and will slash agriculture's climate impact — but only if we embrace agricultural technology.
A culture of perfectionism that begins in medical school is one reason why doctors and other medical professionals struggle to apologize for their mistakes. (Shutterstock)

Why is it so hard for your doctor to apologize?

Despite protective apology legislation across Canada, many doctors and other health-care professionals remain too afraid or ashamed to apologize after medical errors.
As kids head back to school this week across Canada, many will be victims or perpetrators of bullying. (Shutterstock)

A new way to reduce playground bullying

A new mentorship program uses fiction to teach children’s rights, and to help kids understand and prevent bullying.
Snow White and other stories from Grimms’ Fairy Tales offer examples of abusive “childism” in children’s literature. (Wikamedia Commons)

How to choose picture books that will empower, not damage, a child

For centuries, most children’s books reinforced messages that children are unimportant, incompetent and powerless. Children need to shape up and adopt adults’ values. Children must change to fit into an…


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