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Articles on Cyberbullying

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Caroline Criado Perez has spoken out about her experiences with trolls. Canadian Pacific

Trolling stays with you, long after the abuse

As someone who researches online behaviours such as trolling, cyberbullying, and cyberstalking, I have, from time to time, ended up on the receiving end of abusive online behaviour myself. Out of a wide…
Caroline Criado-Perez learnt the hard way about internet trolls in 2013. Chris Ratcliffe/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The catfish, spies and regulators who changed social media

It was an extraordinary year for social media. We saw sites such as Twitter shift from being a fun pastime to a fundamental part of life. The change might not have been unexpected but each time a new incident…
Children receive little guidance on how to use the internet safely. Enokson

Children need help to understand online bullying perils

I can only begin to imagine the pain, grief and suffering of the family of Hannah Smith, who committed suicide recently after apparently being bullied online, and Daniel Perry, who appears to have killed…
Young people are uniquely vulnerable to bullying – as both victims and perpetrators. kid-josh/Flickr

How can we protect young people from cyberbullying?

The recent arrest by Canadian police of two young people who allegedly shared a photo of a young woman being sexually assaulted has once again highlighted the danger that social media can pose for teenagers…

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