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A transaction of 88 bales of cotton in Qingdao sometime in early November is been hailed as revolutionary. Dave Hunt/AAP

Blockchain: reinventing the squeaky wheel

Apparently, the world is holding its breath on the unloading of a few bales of cotton, which “could change trade forever”. In Qingdao sometime in early November, 88 bales of cotton will be unloaded and…
Steady on guys. EPA/Michael Reynolds

How Brexit could hurt UK-US trade

Brexit would weaken the UK's gravitational pull when it comes to trading power and make it more reliant on its 'special relationship' with the US.
The world fair is full of contradictions. Paolo Bona /

Expo Milano: what are world’s fairs for?

The Milan Expo is themed around food and sustainability. But the reality of the world's fair is a hyped up consumerism that's far from sustainable.

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