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The more you know: people with better understanding of Australia’s colonial history more likely to support moving Australia Day

After the Voice to Parliament referendum, researchers asked a sample of Australians how they felt about issues including changing the date of Australia Day.

Welcome to May 9 – the true Australia Day

May 9 is the date the first Australian parliament met, and when the first parliament in Canberra and the first on Capital Hill opened. It means far more than the King’s birthday, or January 26.
Scott Morrison emphasised national unity in his Australia Day address last year, but this is not the message that everyone wants to hear. Facebook

White, male and straight – how 30 years of Australia Day speeches leave most Australians out

New research shows how prime ministers typically frame national identity on Australia day: it’s largely male, heterosexual, white and lacking class distinctions.
The challenge on Indigenous rights is to achieve reform that goes beyond limited understandings of these issues as being symbolic or practical. AAP/Dan Peled

The Uluru statement showed how to give First Nations people a real voice – now it’s time for action

Instead of paying lip service to promoting Indigenous Australians’ rights as First Nations, the next federal government should be guided by the Uluru Statement from the Heart to make real progress.

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