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Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse, died on Tuesday, aged 88. Javier Martínez Ortiz

Doug Engelbart’s passing leaves a legacy to treasure

This week saw the passing of Doug Engelbart, one of the giants in the history of computing. Today he is mostly known for his invention of the computer mouse in 1963. Many of his other big ideas lay waiting…

How to boost computer processor performance

A new engineering technique allows graphics processing units (GPUs) and central processing units (CPUs), placed on a single…
Momentum is gathering behind calls to pardon the father of computer science. BinaryApe

Calls for a posthumous pardon … but who was Alan Turing?

You may have read the British Government is being petitioned to grant a posthumous pardon to one of the world’s greatest mathematicians and most successful codebreakers, Alan Turing. You may also have…
Software patenting was a fringe activity for the first 20 years of the software industry. opensourceway

Do patents create software innovation? Computer says no

What would the software industry look like without patents? It’s a question worth asking in the context of Apple’s recent body blow to Samsung, which will see Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 kept off Australian…
Ritchie created the C programming language and used it to create the operating system Unix. Both developments underpin modern computing, experts say. Flickr/mrbill

Dennis Ritchie, father of modern computer programming, dies

Dennis Ritchie, whose invention of the Unix operating system and programing language C paved the way for the creation of the internet, smart phones, e-banking and modern computer software, has died aged…
Apple’s “visionary and creative genius” has died at the age of 56. Apple

RiP Steve Jobs – the CEO we felt we knew

Apple founder Steve Jobs, one of the technology industry’s most influential figures, has died after a battle with cancer, at 56. In a brief statement, the company announced his death without giving a specific…
The factors fuelling advances in computer hardware are drying up. Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP

Performance anxiety: the end of software’s free ride

We are consumers of software that is ever more capable, diverse and clever. Our Google queries, our Facebook experience, our ability to play HD movies on our iPads, and the convenience of reading emails…
Apple chief steve Jobs exits, but his grip on the company is likely to remain.

Will Steve Jobs’ resignation shake Apple to its core?

“God dammit, Gil,” shouted Bill Gates. “Why are you spending $400 million on this junk? Steve knows nothing about technology. He’s just a kind of super salesman. Virtually everything he thinks and says…

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