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Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Michael Gove addresses the Convention of the North in Leeds in March 2024. PA Images|Alamy

Levelling up is not working as promised – our research shows why

English councils have neither the ongoing funding or the staffing needed to effectively deliver on the government’s economic development promises.
Cities have a choice of autonomous vehicle futures: cars or mass transit vehicles. Which one we adopt is likely to determine how people-friendly our cities are. SueBeDoo888/Shutterstock

Autonomous transport will shape our cities’ future – best get on the right path early

Autonomous mass transit vehicles like ‘trackless trams’ are a better bet than autonomous cars to give us people-friendly cities that capture the value created by infrastructure for the common good.
With high capital costs linked to petroleum and gas infrastructure, collection of PRRT funds for regional development may be delayed for several years. Phil Noble/Reuters

Government’s oil and gas tax response will leave regional communities at a loss

Local communities are likely to be dissatisfied with the report from the PRRT review because its recommendations only apply to future projects and won’t herald any changes in the budget.
Cuts to councils continue where they left off from the last parliament. OccupyMCR/flickr

How cuts to local councils will affect you

Britain’s shrinking state means local services are increasingly being put into private hands.
The study found most residents have positive attitudes toward local government. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Communities love local councils but not private service delivery

A new study of more than 2000 Australians has found we care deeply about local councils, and overwhelmingly want governments – not private contractors – to deliver local services.
Bins. bins, good for your budget … Paul Faith/PA Wire

We need to talk about wheelie bins? Rubbish!

Public sector procurement isn’t sexy, but it is important. Government purchases approximately £120 billion worth of goods and services from third parties every year. That’s more than £4,000 per UK income…
Wrexham, like this driver, is ill-prepared for floods and other climate change-related problems. Matt Price/Flickr

How ready for climate change is your town or city?

More than half the world’s population now lives in cities or urban areas, which means our vulnerability to the impacts of climate change is tied up with cities’ ability to cope. Responsible for more than…

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