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Tomodachi Life: make friends, fall in love but stay straight. BagoGames

Nintendo can’t take the gay out of gaming without a fight

Nintendo is facing a storm of criticism over its decision not to allow gamers to play as gay characters and form same-sex relationships in the life-simulation game Tomodachi Life. There has been disquiet…
Why aren’t there more black professors? bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock

There are fewer than 100 black professors in Britain – why?

It is a shocking statistic that there were just 85 black professors in UK universities in 2011-12. In stark terms, this means that there are more higher education institutions than there are black British…
Al-Madinah school in Derby: making news for all the wrong reasons. Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Growth of academies and free schools reinforces student segregation

Each new administration tends to try to improve compulsory education by introducing a new and purportedly better type of school. The current government has at least three, and is pushing vocational schools…

Piercing genitals: good for species diversity

Two species of Tahitian plant insects, known for their traumatic insemination mating system, may be responsible for today’s…
We still don’t know what works when it comes to opening up universities.

Cuts to diversity spending are no great loss for universities

In his spending review, Chancellor George Osborne announced cuts to the universities budget, targeted mainly at funding used to encourage students from under-represented groups to apply for university…
New research has found many industries have recommended the use of quotas to increase women in leadership roles, although their use also evokes negative reaction. Flickr

Exploring the use of quotas for women in leadership roles

In Australia and many other countries, increases in the number of women in senior leadership roles within most corporations have been small and slow to occur. The underemployment and under-utilisation…

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