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You can use all kinds of iPhone apps to track and improve your health. chunghow33

Reviewing the top medical iPhone apps … what’s the diagnosis?

Want to quit smoking, lose weight, manage your diabetes or get a good night’s sleep? No worries. There’s an app for all of that. But it’s not always clear which medical apps are based on solid evidence…
In the developed world, where vitamin A deficiency isn’t an issue, eating carrots won’t help you see more clearly. Nerdcoregirl

Monday’s medical myth: eating carrots will improve your eyesight

Getting enough vitamin A is important for healthy eyes. And carrots are a rich and natural source of this vitamin, which is basically a group of chemicals made up of retinal (the active form of vitamin…
Exposure to UV through fluorescent lighting may increase related eye diseases by up to 12%. titan3025/Flickr

Blinding light: energy-efficient fluorescent lighting may cause eye disease

One way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to phase out incandescent lighting in favour of more energy-efficient lighting. But such a move could see an increase in the number of people suffering from…

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