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Pro-EU protester mocks the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘Australian Deal’ outside the Cabinet Office in London, Britain. Andy Rain/EPA

What are Australian-style and Canadian-style Brexit trade deals?

For the UK to exit the EU on genuine Australian, no-deal or WTO terms, the British government would need to reject the WA/NIP. This now appears unlikely.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is seen after the swearing-in ceremony for his ministry at Government House in Canberra on Tuesday. Lukas Coch/AAP

What Indonesia expects from Australia’s new Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Indonesian media’s coverage of Scott Morrison’s appointment as Australia’s new Prime Minister signals increased public awareness of Australian politics.
The Queensland government spends more than A$14 billion on essential goods and services, on top of a further A$4 billion of capital expenditure used to build and maintain infrastructure assets such as roads, schools and hospitals. Dave Hunt/AAP

The Buy Queensland strategy breaks international trade deals

The Buy Queensland strategy has questionable economic logic and also explicitly contravenes a number of Australia’s international trade obligations.
If the cap fits…. Brexiters pin hopes on Free Trade Agreements. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

How would post-Brexit trade deals actually work?

Supporters of the campaign to get Britain out of the European Union are touting the prospects for trade deals around the world. The true prospects, however, are far from benign.
Australia and Singapore’s new comprehensive strategic partnership is not seen as harmful for neighbouring countries such as Indonesia. EPA/Wallace Woon

Australia-Singapore strategic partnership: the view from Indonesia

Australia and Singapore recently signed a comprehensive strategic partnership on the 50th anniversary of their relationship. How would the new partnership affect Indonesia?
Trade Minister Andrew Robb hasn’t dropped the ball on India. Graham Crouch/DFAT/AAP

India-Australia trade push another win for bilateralism

Australia’s trade mission to India under Andrew Robb last week provided a much needed impetus to conclude an Australia-India free trade agreement in 2015. This would be a crowning achievement for the current…
It’s not yet clear how the Coalition will weigh health issues against economic priorities. jdwfoto/Shutterstock

Coalition’s policy bodes ill for health in free trade negotiations

Ten years on from the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement, Australia is entering another round of negotiations towards the new and controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership. In this Free Trade Scorecard series…
Australia’s approach to trade policy is more thoughtful and calculating than it is given credit for by sections of the media, academia and the public who object to current negotiations. AAP/Newzulu/Jeff Tan

Staying engaged on every front: Australia’s trade policy strategy

Ten years on from the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement, Australia is entering another round of negotiations towards the new and controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is the first article in the…
Australia’s free trade agreement with Japan has benefits outside the agricultural sectors. Kimimasa Mayama/AAP

FTA opens Japanese doors for Australian business

When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrives in Australia to talk trade and investment in Canberra and sign a free trade agreement between the two countries, it will kickstart a relationship first formed…
A China-Australia FTA agreement would be handy for business but it’s just the first step. Parker Song/Pool/AAP

Australia-China FTA a stepping stone rather than an end point

Going from raw data the Australia-China trade relationship should be a source of celebration and congratulation. In 2013, bilateral trade came to A$140 billion, up 20% on the year before. Even better…
Fresh faces: the original Wake Up lineup launched with three, whittled to two and then, last week, was axed. AAP

Australian breakfast TV – and the fight for eyeballs

The axe swung at Network Ten and removed the head of its breakfast program Wake Up - just over six months since it launched. And why? Nobody was watching. The 6am to 9am timeslot has been a hotly contested…
As a major donor in the region, Australia should defend countries facing the possibility of unaffordable medicines. US Navy/Wikimedia Commons

Australia should defend neighbours in Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations

Australia is taking a strong stance to protect its health and medicines policies during negotiations for the new regional trade agreement, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). This negotiating…

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