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Philadelphia’s public high schools face a trade-off between emphasizing academic and technical skills. Hill Street Studios/DigitalVision Collection via Getty Images

Most Philly public school students have college ambitions − but their level of preparation depends on which high school they attend

A sociologist and former high school math teacher found that Philadelphia students face starkly different expectations for college depending on what type of school they attend.
We have a responsibility to interrogate EdTech and surveillance companies’ claims of offering technological solutions to complex social problems. (Shutterstock)

Vaping in schools: Ontario’s $30 million for surveillance and security won’t address student needs

In an underfunded education system, in a context of deteriorating public supports, we are turning toward intrusive technologies to contain and control the social pain of young people.
While literary texts can nurture deep understandings about racism and power, it’s not enough to provide students with racially and culturally diverse texts. (Rasheeq Mohammad)

How literature teachers can create anti-racist classrooms

When teachers are self-aware of how their identities impact their values, beliefs and experiences, they are better prepared to help students build bridges between their lives and literature.

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