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The remote Bassari community have to make difficult choices about how to adapt to many changes that are linked to climate change. Courtesy Anna Porcuna Ferrer

Senegal’s remote Bassari people talk about climate change, and how their local knowledge is key to coping strategies

The remote Bassari community, located between Senegal and Guinea, experiences climate change as one of many changes. They are best placed to come up with solutions that work for them.
Oyster gatherers on a Wild Coast beach at low tide. The sea is integral to these communities’ lives and culture. PaulGregg

South African communities vs Shell: high court victories show that cultural beliefs and practices count in climate cases

Indigenous people’s concerns and considerations could provide a strong basis for climate litigation in South Africa.
Former President Donald Trump sits with his attorneys inside a Manhattan courtroom during his arraignment in April 2023. Timothy A. Clary-Pool/Getty Images

Trump’s New York felony charges are going to trial – what the images might show when the business fraud case kicks off

How will Trump act during his upcoming court appearance in Manhattan? Surprises are unlikely, but his body language and expressions can help tell a fuller story that will go down in history.
Women have more positive experiences seeking justice when they experienced support, agency and validation. (Shutterstock)

The legal system must show more compassion to survivors of sexual abuse

Survivors of gender-based abuse can often feel retraumatized by the justice system. But simple acts of validation and support can make a meaningful difference and restore a sense of agency.
A climate justice picket in 2022 outside the Port Elizabeth High Court against Shell. “Hamba! Voetsek!” mean “get lost”. Joseph Chirume/GroundUp

South Africa’s laws aren’t geared to protecting against climate change: judges are trying to fill the gap

South African courts are increasingly handing down judgments that take into account the future climate damage that new developments may cause.

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