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President of the French far-right National Rally party, Jordan Bardella (right), and party’s parliamentary leader, Marine Le Pen. Guillaume Horcajuelo / EPA

How the French far-right rose to prominence

The far-right looks like it will be a significant parliamentary force in France over the next few years.
Almost 30% of voters chose the Rassemblement National in the first round of early legislative elections on 30 June 2024. Here, in Pau. Gaizka Iroz/AFP

Legislative elections in France: ‘Emmanuel Macron has made the RN the main force of opposition to his policies’

After President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the National Assembly, the first round of the snap legislative elections took place on June 30. Historian Mathias Bernard analyses what’s at stake.
A member of the German Democratic Party after the results posted giving a significant number of votes to the AfD, Germany’s far-right on 9 June 2024. John Macdougall/AFP

EU elections: far-right parties surge, but less than had been expected

Sunday’s vote show that the growing presence of far-right parties in almost all member states, but the increase wasn’t the groundswell expected and conceals differences.
People walk outside the European Parliament in Brussels in May 2024 prior to a debate with the lead candidates for the European Parliament elections. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

Why we should care about this week’s European Parliament elections

European Parliament elections are held every five years and are often volatile. This week’s should be no exception.
Many Europeans aren’t happy with the way their country’s politics are run. Does this mean they could accept to live in a regime other than a democracy? Photo taken at a protest against pension reform, 2019. Jeanne Manjoulet / Flickr

Are Europeans really democrats?

Sweeping new research shows many Europeans could accept to live under a non-democratic regime.
A man goes to the polling booth in Le Touquet for the second round of the legislative election on 19 June 2022. Ludovic Marin/AFP

Parliamentary elections shock France’s political order to its core

The results of the second round resulted in a historic record of seats for the RN and an even greater polarisation of political life within the National Assembly itself.
Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen have qualified for the second round of the presidential election, as in 2022. Ludovic Marin/AFP

French elections: a divided country faces an uncertain second round

The first round of the French presidential elections leaves the country’s party system in tatters and voters divided along three poles. What will happen in the second round is now anyone’s guess.
Announcement of the results of the first round of the presidential election showing the two candidates qualified for the second round, Emmanuel Macron (28.4%) and Marine Le Pen (23.2%) (estimates at 22:40). Lionel Bonaventure/AFP

First round of the French election: apparent stability, yet a profound reconfiguration

The dynamics of the “strategic vote” in France have amplified the restructuring of the political field around three major poles: centrist, identitarian and far left.

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