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Articles on Postnatal depression

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Men also experience postnatal mental health and adjustment issues. from

Men get postnatal depression too, and as the mother’s main support, they need help

Having a stressed and depressed father can have serious implications for infants and relationships. And supporting a father who may be experiencing mental ill health means supporting the mother too.
Our cultural discomfort with discussing any sort of loss means women are often met with a wall of silence. Hermes Rivera

The dos and don'ts of supporting women after a miscarriage

Cliched comments like “it wasn’t meant to be” or “don’t worry, you’ll get pregnant” are hurtful and dismissive. Instead, acknowledge their loss, listen and let them grieve.
Parents of very preterm infants are at far higher risk of depression and anxiety than parents of healthy full-term babies. Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Mums and dads of very preterm babies more likely to be depressed

A new baby is life-changing for all parents, but for those whose babies are born too early, the challenges can be immense.

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