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A large robot, loaded with sensors and cameras, designed to explore the ocean twilight zone. Marine Imaging Technologies, LLC © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Scientists envision an ‘internet of the ocean,’ with sensors and autonomous vehicles that can explore the deep sea and monitor its vital signs

The ocean twilight zone could store vast amounts of carbon captured from the atmosphere, but first we need a 4D monitoring system to ensure ramping up carbon storage does no harm.
Algae in the St. Lawrence River. The cold waters of Québec are conducive to their growth. Shutterstock

A gourmet revival for St. Lawrence River marine algae

The abundance, versatility and quality of seaweed from the St. Lawrence makes this resource a real asset for Québec. We must now integrate it into our kitchens.
Coastal area in Takalar, South Sulawesi, December 2021. Photo by Radhiyah Ruhon

Indonesia is the world’s largest seaweed producer but why are prices so volatile?

This research was funded by the Australian Government through the Australia-Indonesia Centre under the PAIR Program

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