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Vitamin D is sometimes called the sunshine vitamin. FotoHelin/

Why you need more Vitamin D in the winter

Vitamin D is essential for good health and particularly for fighting infections and keeping the microbes in the human gut healthy. But in winter it can be difficult to get enough.
Ouch! Here’s the evidence to bust some myths about sunscreen. Now, there’s no excuse to look like a rock lobster this summer. from

4½ myths about sunscreen and why they’re wrong

Do you know people who cling to myths about sunscreen? Here's the evidence to convince them they're wrong.
Children play on a beach in Palau, in the western Pacific Ocean. The country was the first to place a sweeping ban on sunscreen to protect its reefs. (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)

Beaches are banning sunscreens to save coral reefs

As the mid-winter break draws crowds to beaches, tourists may be wondering if their sunscreen is toxic to coral reefs.
Ingredients in many sunscreens are bleaching coral and harming marine life.

Making a cleaner, greener, environmentally safe sunscreen

Scientists have discovered a natural sunscreen – made by microbes – that may be better for humans and the marine critters they are hoping to see.
In a four-hour long film, we have all the time in the world to consider the misogyny, misanthropy and pathos. MIFF

Who has the time? Four hours of Norte, the End of History, at MIFF

For an expectant crowd of cinephiles sitting down to see a four-hour film, it is easy enough to identify with Fabian, the main character of Norte, the End of History, that screened at the Melbourne International…

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