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Independence Square in Accra, Ghana. The country is indeed free but must improve at delivering justice. Shutterstock

The verdict is out: Ghana’s jury system needs urgent reform

A key argument in support of the jury system is that it is a valued form of citizen participation in democracies. But the system has led to human rights abuses in Ghana.
Andy Coulson: out of town on key dates in prosecution evidence. Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Journalism in the dock: the prosecution rests

The phone hacking trial which began on 28 October, has entered the final phase of the prosecution case. On trial along with five others are Rebekah Brooks, former chief executive of News International…
Amanda Knox in the hands of the Italian police. Antonio Calanni/AP

Knox case has put the Italian legal system on trial in the US

Amanda Knox has faced three verdicts in six years over a case in which it was alleged she was part of a brutal knife attack on Meredeth Kercher in Perugia in 2007 that resulted in her death. Although Knox…
Animated evidence is often used in court but is it reliable? Gareth Norris

Computer-generated images influence trial results

Recent cases involving the use of computer generated images as evidence in courtrooms have shown the powerful impact they can have on jury decision making. But studies show that jurors can be unduly influenced…
Whilst there are only a few instances of jurors taking to social media to discuss court cases, experts argue it is ‘the elephant in the room’. Shutterstock

Jurors and social media: is there a solution?

actually excited for jury duty tomorrow…it’s gonna be fun to tell the defendant they’re GUILTY :P - Facebook post, 2010 Guilty guilty…I will not be swayed. Practicing [sic] for jury duty. - Twitter post…
Is it reasonable to expect juries to spend the time needed to check police transcripts against the audio when lawyers themselves do not? Shutterstock/Everett Collection

Covert recordings as evidence in court: the return of police ‘verballing’?

Today, we take it for granted that police interviews with suspects will be electronically recorded and independently transcribed. That hasn’t always been the case. Police were once allowed to testify…
Lloyd Rayney is accused of murdering his estranged wife Coryne and has opted for a judge only trial. AAP/WA Supreme Court

Twelve good men (and women)? Lloyd Rayney and the problem with jury trials

It is no surprise that Lloyd Rayney has chosen to have a judge sitting alone try the case against him rather than exercising his right to trial before a jury. Past media speculation, the high profile of…

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