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Bannau Brycheiniog yw'r unig enw ar gyfer yr ardal bellach. Mel Manser Photography/Shutterstock

Hanes cyfoethog Bannau Brycheiniog

O hyn ymlaen, dim ond yr enw Bannau Brycheiniog fydd yn cael ei ddefnyddio ar gyfer y parc cenedlaethol.
The late Yvonne Fox dressed as legendary pitchforked Welshwoman, Jemima Nicholas. Nancy Hoyt Belcher/Alamy

The last invasion of Britain wasn’t in 1066

The last invasion of Britain involved bungled military plans, sozzled soldiers and a legendary Welshwoman wielding a pitchfork.
Saint Patrick. Thad Zajdowicz

10 things to know about the real St. Patrick

There are many myths associated with St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. But Patrick’s own writings and early biographies reveal the person behind the legend.
The Norman-built keep at Cardiff Castle. Matthew Dixon/Shutterstock

How the people of Wales became Welsh

At one point, the Welsh, Cornish, Scottish, Bretons and northern English were all “Kymry” - so what changed?

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